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Developing solutions that are both cost effective and environmentally conscious.

We care about the future, so a commitment to sustainability matters today more than ever. With new demands being placed on our ecosystem we strive to develop and manage buildings that meet the needs of today without compromising the needs of future.

Today’s hyper-connected world has exposed the unintended consequences of our traditional growth model. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed, but there’s never been more collective awareness, motivation, and technology to grow more responsibly; to regenerate natural systems and communities rather than exhaust them. It starts with our built environment, how we cultivate a lively experience for building occupants, and how we extend that positive influence well beyond property lines.

Working side by side with our clients, we listen to their needs and educate them on various strategies for sustainability that thoughtfully balance environmental imperatives with the total cost of ownership. With nearly 11 million square feet of LEED certified projects under our belt, we understand the implications that sustainable design has on operations, feasibility life cycle, user desirability and profitably.

Our LEED accredited team of property managers, chief engineers and construction managers continually measure the environmental impact of our buildings and the benefits that accrue to property owners. Using LEED as a guide, we routinely implement efficient lighting systems, sophisticated HVAC systems with BMS controls, low-flow restroom fixtures, cooling tower efficiency, smart irrigation, organics recycling, and more into our projects.

By implementing smart restorative measures and sustainable features, we help our clients and communities become more resourceful, resilient and regenerative.

10.6 M+
square feet of LEED Certified Projects
high-rise office tower (550 S. Tryon) in the nation to receive Platinum certification (2010)

LEED Certified Developments

Duke Energy Plaza – LEED Gold (2023)
550 S. Tryon Street  – LEED Platinum (2010)
Lowe's Global Technology Center - LEED Gold (2021)
LPL Financial Carolinas Campus – LEED Gold
The Hub – LEED Certified 
The Nexus – LEED Certified 
VA Health Care Clinic – LEED Silver
Lash Group 1.0 – LEED Silver 
Lash Group 2.0 – LEED Silver 
Sealed Air Global HQ – LEED Gold
Museum Tower – LEED Silver 
Music Row – LEED Silver 

LEED EBOM Certified Buildings

Duke Energy Center – LEED Platinum 
One Wells Fargo Center – LEED Gold 
Two Wells Fargo Center – LEED Silver (2015)
Three Wells Fargo Center – LEED Gold (2013)
Wells Fargo CIC – LEED Gold (2013)
8740 Research Drive – LEED Gold (2017)