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Through careful planning and an understanding of what consumers want, we create dynamic and vibrant new destinations.

At Childress Klein, we recognize the art and science of shaping truly dynamic destinations. We fuse meticulous planning and deep insight into consumer desires, crafting vibrant new locales that stand out on their own yet blend seamlessly into the urban or suburban fabric.

Drawing on our expansive portfolio across property types, we stand as trailblazers in designing mixed-use developments that echo today's diverse consumer needs. Through our fully integrated approach, we seamlessly interweave different elements of living, working, and recreation into a single development. This strategic layering transforms both urban and suburban environments into nourishing, experience-heavy, socially-active communities where people connect, create, and celebrate.

Regardless of the setting, Childress Klein masterfully navigates the complexities of mixed-use developments. Every project is a testament to our dedication to bring people together to work, play, and flourish. 

The result is a walkable, sustainable mixed-use development, that can be managed efficiently, while retaining long term value and outperforming the competition.

Whether it's a fusion of multifamily, high-rise housing with indulgent luxuries, or the creation of walkable neighborhoods complete with retail, commercial, and open spaces, Childress Klein excels in carving out lucrative business opportunities for our clients while simultaneously cultivating vibrant and inclusive communities for everyone's enjoyment.