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Parking Management

Providing exceptional parking management for more than 30 years.

Childress Klein Parking is a full-service operator of enclosed garages and surface lots in the Southeast. An affiliate of the leading commercial real estate firm Childress Klein, we seamlessly integrate customer-focused parking solutions with the overall facility needs of our tenants and clients.

For over 30 years, Childress Klein Parking has provided sophisticated management of structured decks and surface lots in the Carolinas and Georgia. We specialize in mixed-use, Class A urban developments which require a balance of operational expertise, exceptional customer service, and asset management savvy.

Our professionals are skilled in all aspects of parking operations and make use of the latest innovations in technology to maximize facility utilization, revenue collection, and customer convenience.

At the heart of our program is a focus on the customer experience. From the registration of monthly parkers to the collection of payment from exiting guests, we are committed to providing the best service in the industry. We recognize that transportation and parking are among the most important factors affecting where people work or shop. Therefore our mission is to ensure that every person who parks with us is able to enter and exit quickly and conveniently, can easily locate open, safe, and clean spaces, and is treated with the utmost care and respect.

As part of a larger real estate services firm, we also understand the bigger picture of ownership goals including tenant retention, precise administration of critical agreements such as leases and easements, and physical maintenance for long-term preservation, all of which serve to enhance overall asset value. Ultimately, our clients receive a level of service far above what a traditional parking operator can provide.

To meet your parking needs, we offer a broad range of specialized services that are tailored to the unique requirements of each facility. Parking services include:

We operate controlled-access deck and surface lots, specializing in all aspects of leasing, revenue control, maintenance, repair, security, and general operations.

We provide a variety of parking arrangements to accommodate the needs of our customers, whether they are office workers, business visitors, hotel guests, or event attendees.

We specialize in service to landlords and tenants who have contractual rights that require monitoring and enforcement.

We are skilled in dealing with easements and other agreements that require sharing of parking facilities by diverse uses such as office buildings, hotels, retail, and event venues.

To assist businesses in providing convenient parking for their customers, we offer customized validation programs for visitor parkers.

Another unique service offered by CK Parking is a flexible visitor parking system that allows tenant visitors to obtain parking even when the daily parking zones are at capacity.

To accommodate as many tenant employees as possible, we employ statistical analyses that enable us to make more parking available and avoid spaces sitting empty during typical business days.

We offer user-friendly registration programs that place our customers with their desired parking location.

Our team is experienced in deployment of the latest technology in revenue control and collection systems in order to maximize convenience to our customers and revenue to the lot owners.

We arrange for valet parking solutions where appropriate for our clients.

We are proud to offer the safest, most comfortable parking facilities to be found.  Our staff of in-house security experts enables us to minimize risk and maximize your peace of mind.

As part of a full-service facilities firm, we are skilled at all aspects of facility maintenance, repair and operation.

Parking Locations

Lowe's Global Tech Center | 100 W. Worthington
(entrances on W. Worthington and Hawkins)

One Wells Fargo Center | 301 South College Street 
(entrances on Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard and Third Street)

Two Wells Fargo Center | 301 South Tryon Street
(entrance on Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard)

Three Wells Fargo Center | 401 South Tryon Street
(entrance on College Street)

The Green | 425 South Tryon Street
(entrances on Tryon Street and College Street)

Levine Center for the Arts | 550 South Tryon Street
(entrances on Brooklyn Village Ave and Church Street)