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Property Management
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Property Management

With our dedicated in-house team of experts, we offer a comprehensive range of services and fully customizable tools. Our goal is to help you excel in facilities management, tackle deferred maintenance backlogs, and strategically plan for capital improvements.

At Childress Klein, our commitment to professional management and unrivaled customer service is ingrained in our business philosophy. With a focus on providing exceptional customer experiences, we offer innovative solutions to meet both short- and long-term investment goals.

Our Expert Team: Our team comprises experienced property managers, engineers, sustainability experts, and facility managers who bring decades of expertise to the table. They deliver customized solutions that maximize property value. With over 35 years of experience, we have operated high-profile properties to the highest industry standards, leveraging our deep knowledge of local markets and a multi-disciplinary in-house network.

We realize we must work hard and go well beyond the normal scope of services associated with our industry to maintain valued tenants.

Going Above and Beyond: We understand that maintaining valued tenants requires exceeding expectations and going beyond the usual scope of services in our industry. That's why we manage all our properties as if they were our own, providing unparalleled service, asset management, energy efficiency, and reducing real estate investment risk.

Commitment to Quality and Service: Quality and service are at the core of everything we do. We constantly strive to be the best by taking on challenging and complex projects and delivering superior products and services. Our adherence to the highest codes of conduct and integrity sets us apart. To achieve our goals, we have embraced fundamental philosophies and practices that shape our approach to business.

Our best practices

Successfully managing real estate projects demands a profound understanding of the local market. This includes knowledge of local codes and laws, familiarity with reputable vendors and service resources, and awareness of environmental factors that impact the property.

At our company, we prioritize the recruitment of highly skilled and talented employees, recognizing their invaluable contributions to our success.

Our maintenance teams consist of skilled and experienced personnel who specialize in operating and maintaining large mechanical and electrical equipment. With a proactive approach, we prioritize a comprehensive program of preventive and predictive maintenance for all building systems.

At our company, while technical skills and industry experience are crucial qualifications for all positions, the ability to interact effectively with our business partners and tenants and surpass their service expectations is the paramount requirement for every member of our team.

Safeguarding our clients against various risks is a top priority for us. While preventive maintenance, security services, and fire protection play a crucial role, our meticulous attention to contracts with vendors is often the least visible yet critically significant aspect. We employ customized contract forms and adhere to rigorous internal approval and administrative procedures.

Childress Klein values benchmarking and industry participation to stay competitive in the ever-changing market, and our team members are actively involved in industry associations including BOMA, IREM, NAIOP and IFMA. We are also active in numerous environmental initiatives creating more benefit for tenants, owners and communities.


  • Commercial Investment Property Management
  • Properties Facility Management for Occupant Clients
  • Data Center & Critical Environments
  • Project Management Tenant Improvements
  • Capital Repairs & Renovations
  • Parking Management
  • Accounting & Lease Administration