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Belk Distribution Center

120 Belk Court
Blythewood, SC

This property, a 264,000 SF, high-tech distribution center, was meticulously developed by Childress Klein for Belk, Inc., one of the nation’s largest department store chains. The primary objective of the facility is to consolidate Belk’s brick-and-mortar store fulfillment operations, thus significantly enhancing its inventory management and distribution efficiency.

This project takes center stage as the final installment in a larger, ambitious program that consisted of a staggering 900,000 square feet spread across six uniquely designed buildings, distributed over multiple states. This progressive initiative was driven by Childress Klein’s commitment to engineering innovative, custom-tailored solutions for Belk, that cater to its large-scale, multifaceted supply chain network.

Maintaining its longstanding relationship with the property, Childress Klein takes pride not only in the development and ownership but also in the meticulous provision of property management services. With a deep-seated focus on optimal operational efficiency and superior maintenance routines, Childress Klein ensures this property not just meets, but exceeds Belk’s diverse needs and expectations.

Childress Klein currently owns and provides property management services for this property.


Blythewood, SC


264,000 SF

Year Built