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A property manager must be able to wear a lot of metaphorical hats. The learning is not in the teaching; it’s in the doing. Our roles are vast - project manager, budget planner, lease administrator, tenant relations manager and sometimes even therapist. It's challenging and can be overwhelming but, in the end, it's rewarding.

Margaret Leach

Director of Industrial Property Management
Charlotte, NC

With a career spanning over 27 remarkable years, Margaret brings to the table a unique synthesis of passion, expertise, and dedication that has shaped her journey from a Lease Administrator to the Director of Industrial Property Management.

New York born Margaret Leach embarked on her professional journey in commercial real estate (CRE) with Cauble & Company in Atlanta. However, it wasn't until her move to Charlotte in 1996 that she truly discovered her passion for the CRE sector. Quickly identifying her zest for Property Management, she found her niche, affirming her professional trajectory for years to come.

Having served in various roles within Childress Klein, including Property Manager and Senior Property Manager, Margaret is the current Director of Industrial Property Management where her responsibilities encompass the management of manufacturing, distribution, and warehouse facilities.

Under her leadership, Childress Klein’s industrial portfolio has experienced exponential growth — from a modest 2 million square feet to an astonishing 13 million square feet. This remarkable feat undoubtedly confirms her influence and leadership as a property manager, handling numerous manufacturing, distribution, and warehouse facilities with exceptional proficiency.

Margaret likens the life of a property manager to a roller coaster ride, full of surprising twists and turns. Despite her dislike for actual roller coasters, Margaret embraces the tumultuous roller coaster that is property management: no two days are the same, each presenting its unique blend of challenges and rewards, shaping her into the resilient professional she is today.

She finds her strength in resolving problems and making a positive difference in peoples’ lives. Her philosophy is firmly rooted in the belief that it’s all about how you manage the rough days that truly shapes your mettle and fosters the motivation to keep going.

A licensed North Carolina Real Estate Broker since 1996, Margaret is also known for her benevolence and commitment to the local community. Apart from her professional responsibilities, she has been part of various Charlotte non-profit organizations, lending a helping hand to causes close to her heart such as The United Way, Habitat for Humanity, and Safe Alliance.


Associate of Science, Nassau Community College

Childress Klein
Director of Industrial Property Management, 2023 – Present
Regional Industrial Property Manager, 2019-2023
Senior Industrial Property Manager, 1996-2019

Cauble & Company (Now Colliers Cauble & Co., a Colliers International Company)
Lease Administrator, 1991-1996

Licensed Real Estate Broker (North Carolina)

Did you know?

Margaret is an avid animal lover and would have a house full of dogs if her husband would allow, but right now they only have one, a 5 year old beagle named Finley.