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2115 RexfordAvailable

2115 Rexford Road
Charlotte, NC

Modern Workplace. SouthPark Style.

Located in SouthPark, a flourishing neighborhood renowned for upscale retail, affluent residential areas, and an abundance of recreational spaces, 2115 Rexford stands as a testament to innovative workspace design. This particular location has recently gained further appeal through the announcement of substantial upcoming development projects – most notably The Loop, a three-mile greenway that will envelope the SouthPark mall, and Apex SouthPark, a cutting-edge mixed-use development.

Strategically positioned on The Loop, 2115 Rexford is set to provide an intimately redesigned workspace for tenants who value the perks of living and working in a thriving, in-demand locale like SouthPark. Originally intended as the headquarters of LendingTree, both 2115 and 2100 Rexford were acquired by Childress Klein and Gottesman Real Estate Partners in 2019 when LendingTree's growth exceeded the capacity of the buildings.

Given SouthPark's scarcity of office buildings and a palpable demand for larger premises, both buildings have undergone significant renovations. Originally designed to serve multiple tenants and characterized by shorter lease terms, the design team faced the exciting challenge of rejuvenating the property's somewhat dated exterior and interior elements. The intent was to turn 2115 Rexford into a modern workspace, mirroring the dynamic vitality of SouthPark.

Highlights of the renovation include a striking new canopy at the entrance, revitalizing the glazing, introducing warm wood accents and organic textures, and breathing life into amenity spaces. The entire revamp aims to create a workspace destination shaped around culture, community, and livelihood, presenting 2115 Rexford as an embodiment of thoughtfully designed work solutions.

In conclusion, 2115 Rexford has become a transformative workspace that creates a memorable identity, provides an active, engaging environment, and represents a cultural hub that stimulates and influences its occupants. With the acquisition of the building by Childress Klein and Gottesman, 2115 Rexford is setting a bold new standard for modern workspaces in SouthPark.


Charlotte, NC (SouthPark)


73,416 SF, 5 Floors

PARTNER / Architect

Gottesman Real Estate Partners
IA Interior Architects (Renovation Design)

Property Details

  • Easily accessible, central, and walkable
  • New building improvements and finishes throughout Building common conference room, Building lobby, Elevator cabs, Common area finishes
  • New hardscape/landscape and new outdoor areas to promote “The Loop” engagement

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