Excellent Service = Superior Results

At Childress Klein, superior property management is not only a goal, it is a requirement. A commitment to professional management and unrivaled customer service sits at the core of Childress Klein’s business philosophy. For more than 35 years, we have operated high profile, sophisticated properties to the highest standards in the industry, thereby building long-term relationships with clients, tenants and communities; creating exceptional value for our customers.

Tenants are our most valuable assets. We seek recurring, long-term relationships. To earn those relationships, we realize we must work hard and go well beyond the normal scope of services associated with our industry.

At the heart of everything we do is a focus on quality and service. We strive to be the very best, taking on challenging and complex projects and delivering superior products and services, all the while adhering to the highest codes of conduct and integrity. In order to achieve these goals, we have adopted several basic philosophies and practices that are evident in the way we approach our business:

  • We focus on specific markets. The management of real estate projects requires an in-depth knowledge of the local market – from local codes and laws to vendors and service resources, and environmental influences on the property.
  • We hire the best people. We place a premium on hiring the brightest and most talented employees.
  • We place a premium on Preventive Maintenance.  Our maintenance teams are composed of skilled and experienced personnel who are experts in the operation and maintenance of large mechanical and electrical equipment. We are highly proactive and emphasize a thorough program of preventive and predictive maintenance for all building systems.
  • Customer service above all. While technical skills and industry experience are essential criteria for all of our positions, the ability to interact with our business partners and tenants and to exceed their service expectations is the most important requirement of every member of our team.
  • Comprehensive Sourcing & Risk Management.  We place a heavy emphasis on protecting our clients against risk (preventive maintenance, security services, fire protection, etc.), but the least visible and possibly most critical is in our attention to contracts with our vendors.  We use customized contract forms and have rigid internal approval and administrative procedures.

Childress Klein values benchmarking and industry participation to stay competitive in the ever-changing market, and our team members are actively involved in industry associations including BOMA, IREM, NAIOP and IFMA. We are also active in numerous environmental initiatives creating more benefit for tenants, owners and communities.


A Focus on Quality & Service

With 42.8 million SF of commercial properties under management, skills that range from management of single story buildings to LEED-certified high-rise towers, and over 200 property management professionals on our team, we offer a wealth of expertise and experience to meet the client’s every need.

Property Management Clients

Wells Fargo Bank
Lash Group / AmerisourceBergen
Chambers Street Properties
Ferncroft Capital
Cato Management, LLC
Domtar Corporation
WHI Real Estate Partners
Womble, Bond, Dickson
Starwood Capital
Springs Industries