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The Chop Shop Butchery Joins Tranquil Court: Bringing Locally Sourced, Sustainable Meats to Charlotte Metro Area

The Chop Shop Butchery Joins Tranquil Court: Bringing Locally Sourced, Sustainable Meats to Charlotte Metro Area

Charlotte, N.C. – Childress Klein is thrilled to announce that The Chop Shop Butchery, Asheville's first whole animal butcher shop, will be joining the vibrant retail community at Tranquil Court in Myers Park. The new location is slated to open in Spring 2024.

For over a decade, The Chop Shop Butchery has been a trusted purveyor of regionally sourced, on-site butchered beef, pork, and lamb. Known for their commitment to locally sourced meats from trusted farmers, The Chop Shop Butchery offers a direct relationship between farmers and consumers, ensuring transparency and quality.

As a small, independent butcher-owned and -operated business, The Chop Shop Butchery prides itself on its personalized service and expertise. Their trained butchers and team members are dedicated to providing customers with specific cuts of meat, whether it's three precise 1.34-inch slices of steak or a rare cut. With an emphasis on all-natural, sustainable, and ethical farming practices, The Chop Shop Butchery offers premium meats from animals raised in the best possible way.

"We are excited to welcome The Chop Shop Butchery to Tranquil Court," said Gareth Scott, Director of Investment Management at Childress Klein.

"Their commitment to quality, transparency, and sustainable farming practices aligns perfectly with our vision for a vibrant and diverse boutique retail community. We look forward to the exceptional offerings and personalized service that The Chop Shop Butchery will bring to our tenants and residents."

 The Chop Shop Butchery's mission is to create a more sustainable meat-eating culture, where consumers can trust the origin and quality of their meat. By shopping at The Chop Shop Butchery, customers can enjoy the assurance of locally sourced, natural, and custom meats, free from antibiotics and steroids. Each product comes with a story, as The Chop Shop Butchery believes in providing full transparency and knowledge to its customers.

Tranquil Court, located at 2840 Selwyn Ave in Myers Park, is an esteemed mixed-use destination known for its unique blend of office, shops, dining, and community experiences. The addition of The Chop Shop Butchery will further enhance the vibrant atmosphere and reinforce Tranquil Court as a premier destination for high-quality and sustainable culinary experiences.

For more information about The Chop Shop Butchery and their upcoming opening at Tranquil Court, please visit